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April 06 2016


The Gables Cherry Creek Theater Room

Gables cherry creek theater room features facility areas perfect for a movie night, film or musicals. The design of the room is such that it heightens the feel of your entertainment through colors, sound proof walls and proper lighting.

A Gables cherry creek theater room features:

• Climate control

• Leather upholstery

• Designer lighting that changes intensity and color with music tracks

• Built in surround sound system

• Acoustic walls

• TV or projector


The theater room ceiling is made of caustic tiles over fiberglass insulation to make it sound proof and without echo. The installation of lights, projectors, and speakers comes after the ceiling has been made sound proof and fiberglass tiles of an absorbing color have been installed. Different ceiling decorations can be customized according to taste.

Acoustic walls

Dry walls and plaster walls give a terrible sound for a theater experience. Gable cherry creek theater rooms have additional acoustic boards on each wall. They are then covered with plush carpeting. The acoustics of the room have a lot to do with the sound quality as the speakers themselves. This sound proof room design is able to contain echo and absorb outside noises to ensure you have an excellent sound from your film or music. Gables theater rooms are evenly covered with soundproof materials from top to bottom leaving no loops for sound flaws.


Light has a major role in a theater room experience. Windows are be blocked of all light using heavy curtains or blinders. A Darkened room will accentuate the dramatic effects when light comes from the stage or projector.


Wooden, tile or concrete floors cannot work in a theater room, they mess around with the quality of sound. Gable’s theater rooms use heavy carpeting for the floor.


The colors you use for decoration have an effect on your theater room. Common Gables theater room colors include black ceilings, navy blue walls or dark floor carpeting. You can customize your walls with posters from your favorite movie scenes. Colors can make the room look homely, large or small.


Lighting has a major role in visuals. You want themed lighting that is uniform with your movie appetites. Too much light in your room will negatively affect the picture quality. Colored lighting can enhance the feel of a particular movie. Blinding all the lights from the widows was the first step, but you need a dimmer light that will be on during the film. Gables cherry creek theater rooms feature installed designer lighting that changes intensity and color with different tracks. The light sources are rightly positioned so that light bounces off from the walls to the room. The lights are remote controlled and enable dimming or switching off from the comfort of your seat. 


Theater seats need to be comfortable enough. Gables cherry creeks provide reclining leather chairs or couches for this purpose. The back seats are slightly raised than the front seats.

Users can chose whether to use a projector or TV for their movie and film. Even though a projector gives magnified image viewership it needs additional equipment installations to enable remote control.

Check out website : gables.com/cherrycreek<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->



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